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“Never-Before-Seen Technology That Will
Bring Your Article Marketing To The Next Level!”

Using Article Video Robot™ is a breeze.

1. Copy and paste your articles;

2. Arrange your article into paragraphs;

AVR will now automatically split your article into paragraphs. You can also customize each individual paragraph to be converted into a video slide in the next step.

3. Next, you summarize each of the paragraph;

Using advanced text-to-speech technology, you can choose who's going to read your articles. No more hiring expensive voice-over artists and waiting days to have your articles read. Let the Article Video Robot read them for you. You will be amazed how human like these voices sounds! ( Hear Samples ) Add the headline and choose your voice over artist. There's Bob from London, UK, Brian from San Francisco, USA, or you can choose Mike, a warm middle-age guy from Chicago, or maybe Gary from downtown New York.

And let’s not forget the ladies, shall we? There’s Brenda from Liverpool, UK, waiting to read your article, and lovely mom of two, Linda from Seattle, USA.

Of course, you can always upload your own voice if you want to. How? By recording yourself right on the spot. Absolutely No downloading any software, configuration... Just plug in your little microphone and voila, you can hear yourself on YouTube!

You can even upload any music files to the Voice Library.

4. Select your movie background;

In this step you can choose a common background image for the entire movie. Choose a background color or picture that will show behind your video. You can select one of our tiled backgrounds or you can upload your own image!

We have more than 5,000 Royalty-Free stock photos in the image library for you to apply as you like! That’s 5 GB of hard disk full of images!

5. Set your background music;

In this step, you can choose a music from our Royalty-Free music library (over 100+ themes to choose from) or upload your own music! This is the background score of your movie. Choose the music you would like to have as your background.

6. Fill In Author's Information / Resource Box;

You can add your contact information and website URL here. The Author's box will help viewers of your video to contact you and check out your website after watching the video. You can even add your own photo and logo for branding your videos!

7. Preview your newly created video and save your file in AVI or SWF format.

8. Submit your newly created to the top 17+ video websites instantly.

That’s it! Your video is now ready for distribution.

As a bonus we have integrated our second award-winning software; Video Submit Robot (VSR) inside the AVR so now you can distribute your freshly created video to the top 17+ video websites in a few clicks!

What this means to you is that you don't have to wait hours and hours to upload a video to sites like YouTube, Veoh, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc – because Video Submit Robot will do that for you!

That’s right, just click a button and the software will distribute your video to over 17 video sharing sites *ALL-OUT* automatically!

You are now submitting your video to the cream of the crop video sharing websites, and so Google will be attracted to it like a bee to honey. It is not uncommon to see your video in Google search results in as little as 15 minutes!

Bonus gifts of your choice!!!

Before 31-05-2009, for every $1 you pay for Magic Article Rewriter, I will give you $1.50 in the form of bonus gifts of your choices.




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